Annual Meeting

2016 Annual Meeting

The CHS Prairie Lakes 2016 Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 2nd at the Broadway Ballroom in Alexandria, MN.  Registration will start at 4:30, with the event to begin at 5:30PM.  Come enjoy the event, hear about our past fiscal year, and receive your patronage checks!


Board of Directors

For member-owners residing in District 1 and District 3, this Annual Meeting will also include voting for your district representatives on the CHS Prairie Lakes Producer Board!  View the district map here (zoom in for greater detail) to identify the district you reside in and determine your voting eligibility.  Current nominees for the Board of Directors are listed below – additional nominations can also be made at the Annual Meeting.


District 1 Nominees:

Ron Prahl’s District 1 seat on the CHS Prairie Lakes Producer Board is up for election this year.  See below for nominees.

Ron Prahl (Incumbent)

Prahl currently serves on the Grant County Wind Board.  Prahl, along with his wife, Jackie, and children, Taylor and Parker, operates a grain operation west of Hoffman. Prahl holds a degree in Ag Business from Willmar Technical College.

Dan Persons

Persons farms full time near Kensington, where he has a sheep flock of 1000 ewes, along with working part time for Shearwell Data Ltd.  Persons is a member of numerous community and agricultural organizations, including being a member of the Hoffman Commerce and Ag Club and the past president of Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers, among others.  He obtained a degree in Agriculture Education from the University of Minnesota.

Why do you want to become a director:

As a past board member I appreciate the opportunity to help bring value back to our local farms and ranches through a true co-operative effort. I see the rapid changes that are taking place in agriculture and consumer demands and would like to see the co-op be able to capitalize on those expectations and bring diversity back to our communities.


District 3 Nominees:

Paul Anderson’s District 3 seat on the CHS Prairie Lakes Producer Board is up for election this year. See below for nominees.

Paul Anderson (Incumbent)

Anderson has served on the co-op board for more than 15 years, first with Farmers Union Oil Company and now CHS Prairie Lakes.  Anderson is an agricultural producer who operates a corn and soybean farm southeast of Starbuck in Pope County.  He is currently serving as a legislator for District 12B. Anderson holds a degree from the University of Minnesota.

Why do you want to become a director:

Agriculture is the economic driver of our region, and CHS Prairie Lakes plays an important role in delivering the inputs we need to produce a crop.  Our co-op also provides a market for those same crops when the farmer decides to sell.  I’ve served on the board for a number of years, and I’d like to continue using my experience in helping to implement important business decisions the co-op must make to stay competitive in the market place.

Paul Dahlseng

Dahlseng is a full-time farmer and lives near Starbuck.  He obtained a degree in Small Engines from Alexandria Technical College and spends time off the farm playing sports.  Dahlseng is a council member at St. John’s Lutheran Church and is a board member of the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council.  Dahlseng has been a CHS Prairie Lakes member-owner for ten years.


Board of Directors Voting

Voting for seats on the Board of Directors will occur during the business session of the 2016 Annual Meeting, where all eligible member-owners will have the opportunity to vote.
Absentee ballots will be available for member-owners in all CHS Prairie Lakes location offices All absentee ballots must be returned to a CHS Prairie Lakes location, either in person or by mail, by noon on March 1st to be counted.

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