Believing in Balanced Crop Nutrition

MicroEssentials® SZ™ Raises the Perceived Corn Yield Ceiling

With improved technology helping farmers take advantage of every inch of the field, corn yields have been increasing over the past decade. But the yield ceiling for many fields is yet to be reached, often because
key nutrients removed by high-yield systems are not being replenished to a level needed for increased yields.

The importance of balanced crop nutrition can’t be overlooked. In fact, with up to 60 percent of yield dependent on soil fertility, choosing the right fertilizer is critical. Providing corn crops complete nutrition from the moment the seed hits the ground through the entire growing season is one of the best ways to improve plant health and increase the yield of each plant.

With so much on the line, it makes sense to depend on the most advanced fertilizer product on the market to provide your corn crop the nutrition it needs. MicroEssentials® SZ™ is proven to increase corn yields by providing industry-best effectiveness and efficiency.

The Difference Is in the Research and Technology

Built on more than 10 years of agronomic research, The Mosaic Company’s line of premium fertilizer products, including MicroEssentials SZ, provides a balanced cornbinatioo of nutrients. Each granule of MicroEssentials SZ (12-40-0-10S-1Zn) contains nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc together to ensure the right balance of nutrients is available to the plant. Only MicroEssentials with patented Fusion® technology combines four key nutrients into one nutritionally balanced granule, creating a single source for balanced crop nutrition.

Long-term research shows that MicroEssentials SZ outperforms MAP, providing a yield increase of 7.2 bu/ac on average and a yield increase of 8.8 bu/ac on average compared to DAP.

Four Key Benefits of Micro Essentials SZ

Uniform nutrient distribution
Each granule of MicroEssentials SZ is uniquely formulated, so when it is applied, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc are all delivered at an even rate across the field to easily achieve uniform nutrient distribution. This means plant roots have more access to reach the key nutrients needed for optimal growth.

Improved nutrient uptake
The innovative Fusion technology used to develop MicroEssentials SZ also gives every granule an identical chemical makeup that promotes interaction between the different nutrients, which in turn encourages nutrient uptake. In fact, across a broad range of soil types, research has shown that MicroEssentials SZ helps plants take up as much as 28 percent more phosphorus.

Season-long sulfur availability
Today, crops need additional sulfur, and need it through the entire growng season. MicroEssentials SZ helps address this increased need. Sulfur is immobile in the corn plant, so two types of sulfur are recommended to ensure season-long availability. MicroEssentials SZ contains both sulfate, which is available immediately and used as a corn plant begins to grow, and elemental sulfur, which breaks down in soil over time and is available for the later stages of growth.

Return on investment
MicroEssentials provides a return on your investment by increasing yield and your bottom line. Develop a fertilizer plan with MicroEssentials that is customized for your yield goals and soil nutrient levels.

Get Your Head in the Dirt

As long as corn has been grown, the focus on improvement has remained above ground, with increased yields. But perhaps it’s time to look several feet lower to find additional yield potential. Providing a corn crop with balanced crop nutrition right from the start gives it the advantage it needs to yield higher. MicroEssentials SZ offers four nutrients in each balanced granule. With up to 60 percent of yield dependent on soil fertility, isn’t it time to change your perspective on what it takes to reach your yield ceiling?
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