COVID-19 Updates – Locations

Current COVID-19 Changes at CHS Prairie Lakes (Updated Regularly)
Last updated 4/2/2020

Overall Company Updates:

  • We are limiting access at all locations and have eliminated walk-in traffic. Our staff members are available via phone (calls and texts) and email to fully serve your needs during this time.
  • We have restricted face-to-face meetings. Our sales staff will conduct business via phone, text or email. As a company that prides itself on the relationships we have built, this will be a difficult change. However, face-to-face meetings pose a greater risk for all parties. If you need to conduct critical business that requires an in-person meeting, please call for an appointment to confirm access to the facility and availability of staff. All visitors to our office will be required to complete a questionnaire before entering our facilities.
  • A list of department manager contacts can be found here. If you would like to submit a question below, a member of our team will get back to you shortly with a response.

COVID-19 Questions

CHS Capital and Accounts Receivable Updates:

  • Contact Colin Cihlar at (o) 320-239-2226 or (c) 218-349-3899 with any CHS Capital inquiries – including CHS Capital financing options and loan payoff amounts – and account information, including monthly A/R balances, account information updates, and any other A/R questions.

Propane & Fuel Updates:

  • Propane deliveries are still occurring, and our drivers ask that you adhere to the 6-foot distancing guidelines set out by the CDC while they are making deliveries.
  • For in-home propane leak checks, inspections or service, customers will be asked to complete a simple screening questionnaire prior to any CHS employee providing in-home service work.
  • Energy questions can be directed to Steve Gorder at 320-760-5984 or Harold Weniger at 320-429-5064. Energy service needs can be directed to Mike Tangen at 320-293-5176.

Elrosa Location Updates:

  • Hours of Operation: 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. Longer hours will start up when spring begins.
  • We are unable to sell bagged fertilizer at our location and remain in alignment with our COVID-19 safety measures. You can get our product at other local businesses – more info here.
  • Site Contacts: Jay Heinze: 320-293-7954, Cory Nietfeld: 320-249-0021, Chuck Nolting: 320-429-4679, Erik Handt: 320-429-5927, Sandy Roelike: 320-262-9405, Office: 320-697-5566

Glenwood Elevator Updates:

  • Hours of Operation: 7AM to 5PM
  • Office: 320-634-3028 for directory of staff numbers
  • If you’re loading grain, please stay in your truck and do not enter the office.
  • For grain deliveries: At dump pit 1, please remain in your truck as our staff will dump your truck. At dump pits 2 & 3, anyone delivering will dump their own truck and our staff will remain at the control panel. There is signage on-site that outlines the different procedures.
  • Grain checks will be mailed out – call our office to talk with a member of our staff.

Hoffman Location Updates:

  • Hours of Operation: 8AM to 5PM
  • Site Contacts: Office: 320-986-2454, Location Manager: 320-368-0939, Operations: 320-808-0843

Long Prairie Location Updates:

  • Hours of Operation: 7AM to 5PM
  • Site Contacts: Martha Licari (Grain): 320-808-9401, Guy Bray (Agronomy): 320-808-3924, Nick Smeby (Agronomy): 320-304-1494, Kathy VonWahlde (Accounting): 320-293-4920, Martin Hagen (Location Manager): 507-530-8807
  • If you’re loading grain, please stay in your truck and do not enter the office.
  • For grain deliveries, you will dump your own truck and our staff will remain in the probe shed.
  • Grain checks will be mailed out – call our office to talk with a member of our staff.

Lowry Elevator Updates:

  • To help protect you and all our employees from exposure to and transmission of COVID-19, we have temporarily closed the Lowry elevator.

Park Rapids Location Updates:

  • Current site hours: 8AM to 5PM
  • Direct Staff Contacts: Todd Readel (c) 715-629-0140 or (o) 218-616-5005, Kevin Kuhn (c) 507-301-4218 or (o) 218-616-5006, Mona Dahlberg (c) 218-732-4236 or (o) 218-616-5003

Starbuck Location Updates:

  • Hours of Operation: 8AM to 5PM, and as needed
  • Office: 320-239-2226 for directory of staff numbers
  • There is a drop box by the front door for bill payments.
  • Call in with your chemical orders. Our staff will get it put together for you and we’ll let you know when you can come in to pick them up.
  • We’ve started proactive delivery of starter fertilizer for those who can accept it now. If you are in a place to take your order, please let us know.
  • As soon as you can take seed deliveries, let us know and we will work out a delivery time. Pat Lundebrek – 320-808-9351; Jacob Hagen – 320-766-9351.
  • If you have any fields that are able to be spread now, we’re working on getting as many done as early as possible. Call your Agronomy Sales Representative to schedule application.

Update on COVID-19 from Jay Debertin

Dear valued customers and owners:

As our essential businesses work to meet spring season demands amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to focus on the health and safety of every person and community connected to CHS and the cooperative system.

We want you to know that CHS remains fully operational and committed to providing the essential products and services you need. Our supply chain is prepared and moving into action as spring fieldwork begins. Grain is moving and the spring shipping season has begun. We are grateful for those positive signs.

Thank you for your business. Please let us know how we can help you navigate through the days and weeks ahead.


Jay D. Debertin
President and CEO

COVID-19 Updates – March 17

March 17, 2020:

A message about COVID-19

With the impact of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 evolving rapidly, we want to reassure you that CHS is taking steps to protect the health and safety of our employees, our owners and customers, and the communities we serve.

CHS Inc. is developing plans with the goal of continuing to provide the highest possible level of service to our customers and owners. Specific measures include:

  • Close coordination and collaboration to ensure safety and wellbeing of employees, customers and communities
  • Cancelation of annual meetings and other meetings of large groups and limiting visits to CHS facilities
  • Additional use of voice, video and other technology to serve you, our customers and coordinate farm visits
  • Activating plans to flex employees between locations or business units to better serve you
  • New process and rigor for interactions with vendors, suppliers, contractors or other third parties to promote health and safety
  • Fully utilizing our powerful and flexible supply chain and asset base should it become necessary to deliver to or from alternate locations

Locally, we’re taking additional measures to help keep our staff safe while continuing to serve our customers.

  • We are limiting all foot traffic into offices, including from our customers. We encourage you to call, text, or email our staff for assistance. Any visitors to our office will be required to complete a questionnaire before entering our facilities.
  • We’re asking all staff and visitors to adhere to the 6 foot distance recommended by the CDC to reduce virus spread.
  • For the health of the employees on-site, the Lowry elevator has been temporarily closed.
  • Additional local updates will be shared on this page and will also be sent out via email.  To be added to our email alerts, go here and subscribe for any of the news lists that are of value to you – all are being included in COVID-19 alert emails at this time.

As the busy spring season unfolds, we will continue to adjust as circumstances change. We don’t take this challenge lightly, but we’re committed to working through it with effective planning, communication and execution. With our talented and committed team, best-in-class assets and our values of safety and cooperative spirit, we are confident CHS will continue to deliver products and services for customers and value for owners.

COVID-19 Updates – March 13

March 13, 2020:

Out of an abundance of caution due to growing international concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19), CHS has suspended meetings and events until further notice. This decision impacts site tours, annual meetings and other events.

This includes the cancellation of the following events:

  • Harvest for Hunger meat raffle on Friday, March 13 at 12 Mile Tavern in Swanville
  • Harvest for Hunger meat raffle on Saturday, March 14 at Starbuck VFW
  • Park Rapids customer appreciation event on Tuesday, March 17 at the new Park Rapids office
  • Harvest for Hunger meat raffle on Saturday, March 21 at Starbuck VFW
  • Any other CHS Prairie Lakes hosted event that may not be listed here

Thank you for your understanding.

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