Cenex Total Protection Plan® Worth The Price


Photo (L to R): Jason Landin, CHS Prairie Lakes Certified Energy Specialist; John Illies, Illies Farms LLC


There’s nothing worse than hearing your tractor needs nearly $6,000 worth of repairs, especially during the busy season. But for John Illies, grain farmer in Elrosa, Minnesota, this wasn’t a problem. His tractor is covered by the Cenex Total Protection Plan® warranty, meaning he didn’t have to spend a dime on the repairs.

By exclusively using Cenex lubricants and diesel fuel and registering for the Cenex Total Protection Plan, qualified agriculture equipment receives up to 10 years or 10,000 hours (or 8 years or 8,000 hours on used equipment) of engine and transmission coverage. For John, this meant the $5,855.64 bill he received when the two front hubs went out on his tractor would cost him nothing to be repaired.

Even better is the simplicity of the program. Participants are asked to pull oil samples at specific intervals, which can help identify problems before a breakdown. When a problem was recognized, John simply took the tractor in for repairs and received a check, which paid for everything except the extra shipping to overnight the parts to the dealership. And the check came fast, too. Says Illies, “I think it was within 10 days that I had the check… I was happy with how fast I got the check.”

Is the program worth it? “For the price, it’s a no brainer,” says Illies. “It’s more than paid for itself in the first repair job already.” The warranty program costs $299 for new equipment and $399 for used, and participants receive $200 back in rebates for Cenex fuel and lubricants.

The best part about using Cenex diesel fuel and lubricants? You know your equipment is operating with a premium product. “Before when we were flip flopping between Cenex [fuel] and somebody else…all of a sudden we would plug two filters on the combine in a day,” says John’s son, Daniel. “I don’t think we had any major filter plugging after we went back to Cenex.”

The staff at CHS Prairie Lakes is here to ensure your farm runs smoothly, all season long. For more information on the Cenex Total Protection Plan and Cenex premium fuel and lubricants, visit our website at chsprairielakes.com or call 1-800-808-1626 and ask to speak to Jason Landin, Certified Energy Specialist or Steve Gorder, Energy Manager to learn more.

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