Meet Carl Younce

Hello – I’m Carl Younce, interim general manager for CHS Prairie Lakes.

In the annual report that was recently mailed to our farmer-owners, it was announced that Brad Manderschied will retire February 1, 2021. I’ve been hired to provide time for the producer board to identify next steps for CHS Prairie Lakes.

My objective in this role is to understand and manage local business operations, as well as ensure CHS Prairie Lakes remains well-positioned for the future.

A little about my professional experience: I’ve had a successful career in the cooperative system, spending 23 years as a general manager and 16 years as a regional vice president with CHS. In that role, I was responsible for 13 cooperative business units. I also served as interim manager for the CHS group in Devils Lake, ND, following my retirement, so I also have experience stepping into an interim role.

I’ve been in this role for a little over a week now and in that time, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many employees and learn more about the operations at CHS Prairie Lakes. The excellent quality of people working for this cooperative is a true testament to Brad’s leadership over the years. We look forward to recognizing Brad’s years of service and will let you know those details when they are finalized.

On behalf of the team at CHS Prairie Lakes, thank you for your business this past year. We look forward to continuing to be your trusted partner in 2021.


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