The Important Role of Balanced Crop Nutrition

For Soybeans, MicroEssentials® SZ Maximizes Nutrition and Optimizes Yields

With farm profits riding on every bushel grown and new soybean varieties optimizing yields, it’s more important than ever to get the most out of every acre. Up to 60 percent of yield is dependent on soil fertility, so the focus on and commitment to balanced crop nutrition is essential. Choosing the right fertilizer program that offers multiple nutrients and maximizes yield is a great investment.
Providing soybeans complete nutrition from the moment the seed is planted throughout the entire growing season is the best way to improve plant health and maximize productivity. With so much on the line, it makes sense to depend on the most advanced fertilizer product on the market. MicroEssentials® SZ is proven to increase yields and provide the balanced crop nutrition soybeans require.

The Difference Is in the Research and Technology

Built on more than 10 years of research, The Mosaic Company’s line of premium fertilizer products, including MicroEssentials SZ, provides a balanced combination of nutrients. Each granule of MicroEssentials SZ (12-40-0-10S-1Zn) contains nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc together in a single granule to ensure these critical nutrients are available to the plant. The patented Fusion® technology behind MicroEssentials provides the most efficient delivery of crop nutrients on the market and can be part of your customized fertilizer plans.

Four Key Benefits of MicroEssentials SZ

Each granule of MicroEssentials SZ is the same, so when it is applied, the nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc are all delivered at a uniform rate across the field. This means each plant has the right level of key nutrients available to it. And the Fusion technology eliminates the risk of segregation, as can happen with traditional blends. The unique technology used to develop MicroEssentials SZ also gives every granule an identical chemical makeup that promotes interaction between the different nutrients, which in turn encourages nutrient uptake. In fact, MicroEssentials SZ provides more efficient nutrient uptake across diverse soil conditions.

Sulfur is another nutrient critical to soybean growth and protein formation throughout the entire growing season. MicroEssentials SZ contains both sulfate, which is used as soybeans begin to grow, and elemental sulfur, which breaks down in soil over time and is available for the later stages of growth.

MicroEssentials SZ also contains the micronutrient zinc. Zinc is critical in the early stages of soybean growth, and helps produce chlorophyll in the plant. Despite being needed in very small amounts, MicroEssentials SZ delivers this essential nutrient uniformly, and at the precise rates required to optimize soybean growth.

Increasing Yields Means Getting Your Head in the Dirt

High-yield systems are possible with today’s advancing soybean varieties. But it takes a look below the ground to truly harvest a crop’s full potential. Providing soybeans the balanced crop nutrition they need from the very start gives them the advantage required to push yields higher. With up to 60 percent of yield dependent on soil fertility, isn’t it time to change your perspective on what it takes to push your best yield to the next level?

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